June 15, 2013

Aganovich – Camera oBscura

Aganovich and Setecento for Biennale

As we look back on the elegant and well-crafted pieces of the poetic inspired brand Agonovich, we see statement shapes and form taken from the image of art, literature and culture. Known for their waist-pinching, fabric flowing pieces throughout the seasons, Agonovich have collaborated with Venetian brand Setecento to create something even more beautiful for this year's 55th International Art Biennale.

The collaboration of this creative match was presented at The Venice Biennale from the 29th to the 31st of May, which has been “promoting new artistic trends and organising international events in contemporary arts” for over a century. Camera oBscura is the name given to the collection, resembling Agonovich’s continuous method of inspiration of unusual but beautiful sources. “Dark Chambers” is merged with Settecento’s classical Venetian background.

Visitors were surrounded by some of the most beautiful cloth and fabrics manufactured by Rubelli. The luxury fabrics carry the iconic image of Aganovich but recreate the classical Venetian look through design and textile .

amy hancock

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